Get Healthier

Better lifestyle

When you stop smoking you’re taking a positive step towards improving your health. The good news is that all the negative effects of smoking start to reverse once you quit smoking, some as quickly as within hours.

Managing your weight

Smokers often worry about gaining weight when they stop smoking but it can be managed or avoided. Learn more.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal you may experience after you give up smoking could include.

Cravings: Although they pass quite quickly, they can be strong.

Irritability and anxiety: In the days after quitting, you may become irritable and short-tempered. During these times, try deep breathing to relax and calm down – it will eventually be worth it. Ex-smokers report feeling less stressed than when they smoked, usually within months of quitting.

Difficulty sleeping: Smokers commonly report trouble with sleeping, as well as experiencing vivid, disturbing dreams in the days after quitting. This usually passes as the body gets used to living without nicotine. If sleep problems persist beyond a few days, check in with your doctor.

Restlessness: You may be unable to sit still, and feel that you need to do something with your hands. Restlessness is common in the first week or two after quitting but then usually improves.

Increased appetite: Now that your sense of smell and taste is returning you can find that you’re hungrier and may start to gain weight.

You’ll probably find that you only suffer from some of these symptoms, and that they lessen over time. They will pass and you will get through them.

Dealing with symptoms
If you’re suffering from symptoms then be honest. Warn your family or work colleagues if you’re feeling grumpy, and ask them to be patient with you. Using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), such as a product from the NICORETTE® range, can help control cravings while you quit smoking. Using the NICORETTE® stop smoking aid could help you cope with any symptoms you may be experiencing.