Set a Savings Goal

One of the many benefits of quitting is that you stop wasting money on cigarettes. Here are a few great savings tips to get you started:

Buy a piggy bank

Buy yourself a piggy bank and put it somewhere obvious in your house (and grab another one for work). Every time you feel the urge to smoke, drop a dollar into it – you’ll be amazed how quickly it will fill up. Once it’s full, crack it open and reward yourself. Go to the movies or the footy, or get some new clothes, or maybe even save it and put it towards something really special like a new car or a renovation. You deserve it and it’s completely up to you.

Save for someone else

Focusing your savings on someone other than yourself can be a great way of ensuring you stay disciplined. Whether you want to buy a loved one a special treat, or set up a savings plan for your kids, just make sure to tell them. By doing this, you’ll feel accountable and you’ll reach your goal quickly. It’s a lot harder to give up when someone else’s enjoyment or future is at stake!

Set up a direct debit

Once you’ve worked out how much you spend on smoking each month, call your bank to set up a Stop Smoking savings account and arrange a direct debit to leave your account each month. Ensure the savings account is one that penalises you when you withdraw cash. Then, when the time comes, you’ll have a tidy sum to spend on something special.

Saving for super

Topping up your superannuation is a smart financial plan. It’s an intelligent way of using your smoking funds to really reward you. By giving up smoking you are, after all, highly likely to increase your longevity, so it would be nice to have some extra money to spend when you’re older!

Say ‘bye bye’ to debt

In this world of easy credit, many of us have worrying credit card debts or huge house loans. These make us stressed (which could be one of the reasons you’re currently smoking). So, kill two birds with one stone – stop smoking and use the money you save to clear your credit card debt or make some extra mortgage repayments.

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2Stead LF, et al. “Nicotine Replacement Therapy for Smoking Cessation”. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2008 Issue 3