Setting a date

Giving up smoking is a battle between your willpower and your cravings, so it’s essential that you get yourself into the right frame of mind before you start. One way of doing this is to set a date in the future for when you plan to quit. By doing this you have a clear deadline and also give yourself a chance to prepare mentally.

How to set the date

Any day is a good day to stop smoking, but it’s important to be realistic. There are times when it’s easier to give up and other times when you’d be making it all incredibly hard for yourself.

• Christmas time: If you decide to quit before Christmas it’s going to mean avoiding a lot of situations where you’ve previously smoked, which could be difficult. It might be easier to wait for a quieter time of the year.

• Holidays: While some see holidays as a time to relax and indulge, others use vacation time to make a fresh start. Be realistic about what type of person you are.

• Work is crazy: If you’re going through a particularly hard time at work, with stressful deadlines or long hours, you might feel it’s too much to start your quitting journey right now. Perhaps aim to cut down instead and lead up gradually to stopping completely.

• But remember: every day you continue to smoke you’re causing damage to your health and your wallet. You’re also one step further away from being smoke free. The sooner you stop smoking, the sooner you’ll put the cravings behind you and start a new, healthier, more energetic, smoke-free life!