• Negative effects of smoking on women

Women and Smoking – the effects of smoking

Most women know that smoking can cause lung cancer, heart disease and premature death. But what you may not know is that women, regardless of their age, can be harmed by smoking in so many other ways.

Smoking can wreak havoc on a woman's appearance, causing a sallow complexion and premature ageing, as well as having effects on sexual health contributing to infertility, early menopause.

Women who carry on smoking during pregnancy endanger not only themselves, but their babies too. Mothers who smoke around their children also put their kids' health at risk.

The good news is that it is never too late to become smoke-free and join the thousands of women who have quit smoking to improve their health. Huge numbers of women make a quit attempt - you can do it too. The sooner you do it, the greater the benefit.

This guide will help you better understand why smoking is particularly bad for women and show you the health, lifestyle and cosmetic benefits to quitting smoking whatever your age.

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