• Quitting smoking symptoms weight control

Managing your weight

Weight gain from stopping smoking is different for everyone and some people don’t put on any weight at all. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your weight gain is minimal just by making small changes every week.

Using Nicotine Replacement Therapy can actually help keep your weight under control when you quit smoking.

Healthy rewards

Many people who stop smoking have a tendency to replace it with another indulgence such as confectionery, sugary drinks or other calorie-packed treat. Here are some top tips on how to avoid weight gain when you stop smoking:

Use the time and money you save by not smoking to plan and cook healthy meals.

Limit sugary treats such as drinks, lollies, biscuits and cakes.

Fill your fridge with healthy snacks such as carrot sticks and whole fruits (not fruit juice).

Limit your intake of alcoholic drinks as not only do they contain a lot of calories, but also, they can weaken your stop-smoking resolve.

Try not to miss meals, especially breakfast.

Be realistic and allow yourself a small treat now and again.

Take a quick walk round the block to take your mind off food!

Just remember that it’s uncommon to gain a lot of weight, and that by stopping smoking you’re taking a positive step towards improving your health.