The Effects of Smoking

As you know, smoking affects you as well as the people around you. In this section, we discuss the real impact of smoking in our lives.

Why your family and friends want you to quit smoking too

Stopping smoking is a positive step for you and the people around you...

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Smoking Your Way to Looking Older

Age takes its toll on everybody’s looks eventually, but research suggests a link between wrinkles appearing sooner for smokers. Here’s a look at how cigarettes can speed up the ageing process

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Tags: Quitting smoking, or cutting down, is the only way to ensure things are all-white again.

How to Help Loved Ones

Giving up smoking is hard, but supporting someone trying to quit isn’t easy either. Here are some ideas of ways you can help your loved ones stop smoking and see the benefits of leaving cigarettes behind

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Coping around Smokers

When you quit smoking, avoiding temptation and old habits is a challenge – especially when it comes to being around people you used to smoke with. These tips will help you kick the habit - without losing touch with all of your friends in the process

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