How to Stop Smoking

Many solutions are available to you. Quit altogether? Cut down first? Go cold turkey? Let us tell your thoughts.

What Type of Replacement Suits You?

Smokers aren’t all the same – so neither are the products designed to help you quit smoking. Whether you have a 40-a-day habit or can’t resist lighting up at the pub, there’s a Nicorette replacement for you…

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Top Tips for Getting Motivated

Quitting smoking is a challenge, so make sure you keep those all-important motivation levels topped up…

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How to Tackle Nicotine Cravings

Overcoming cravings is one of the biggest battles you’ll face when quitting smoking. But, a few simple ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ could really help keep cravings at bay…

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Don't Fall into Bad Habits when you Quit Smoking

Stopping smoking is a brilliant achievement – just be careful you don’t swap one bad habit for another…

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New Year, New You

A long list of New Year’s resolutions is all good and well, but most of us have given them up by mid February. Sometimes making one clever change is best – like cutting down on smoking, which could bring endless results for 2015 and beyond. Here are some examples of how…

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Seven tips to Help you Quit

Find out how adopting the right mindset can help you overcome obstacles and reach your goal to quit smoking.

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